“Certainly a film to single out is “Dancer” a rambunctious and dramatically insightful portrait of Nikolaj Hübbe, the Danish dancer who has been a principal with the New York City Ballet since 1992 - What Mr. Wivel knows is how to use the vivid context of the ballet studio to frame the passion that urges from Mr. Hübbe’s dancing and his personality.”


“A remarkable cinematic achievement.”

GOLDEN PRAGUE - Winner Grand Prix & Czech Television prize 2014

“Det er næsten som at se en krimi. En afslørende trængen ind på livet af Bourneville’s ‘Sylfiden’. Hvorfor gik det så galt ?”



Disportrait  / Direction, script, DP                                                                 51:58

A different kind of Boy  / Direction, script, DP                                            54:17

Dronningens Danmark  / Direction, script, DP                                            56:41

Roskilde / Direction, Script                                                                          1:37:00

Comeback / Direction, Script                                                                       1:21:54

Sanne / Direction, Script, DP                                                                           55:09

I You Love / Direction, Script                                                                         23:36

Urge / Direction, Script, DP                                                                             05:47

This is me walking / Direction, Script, DP                                                     28:47

Staceyann Chin / Direction, Script, DP                                                          26:24

Dancer / Direction, Script, DP                                                                          45:01

Commercial work

A.S. Roma / Nike / Direction, Script                                                             02:26

Maersk / Direction, Script                                                                               02:48

Telenor / Direction                                                                                           00:35

Uniqlo / Direction                                                                                          00:40

Socialdemokratiet / Direction                                                                          01:55

Tuborg / Direction, DP                                                                                     01:37

Trygfonden / Direction                                                                                    01:04


Ulrik Wivel has danced with the Royal Danish Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, Pacific North West Ballet and the New York City Ballet. He became a principal dancer in 1993 and retired from dancing in 1998.

In 1998 Ulrik Wivel studied screenwriting at Columbia University, assisted on Paul Auster’s film Lulu on the Bridge, and made his debut as a director with the documentary film Dancer, which received a special mention at The Dance on Camera Film Festival, New York, in 2000. As a member of the Super 16-group he directed short films and in 2001 Staceyann Chin was released.

In 2003 Urge premiered followed by This is Me Walking in 2004, which was awarded the Robert prize for best short fiction film by The Danish Film Academy. In 2005 came The Bournonville School, Sanne, and I You Love, which won best short fiction at Odense Film Festival, Denmark.

Both feature length films, Roskilde and Comeback was released in 2008, as well as a portrait of the Queen of Denmark, Dronningens Danmark, in 2010. At the Golden Prague Film Festival in 2014 Disportrait was awarded the Grand Prix and Czech Television Prize.

Ulrik Wivel also directs and develops commercial projects, his clients includes A.S. Roma, Uniqlo, Tryg, Maersk and Tuborg.




Disportrait  / 2014 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

A different kind of boy/ 2013 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

Dronningens Danmark/ 2010 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

Roskilde  / 2008 / Direction, Script / Documentary

Comeback / 2008 / Direction, Script / Fiction

Sanne 2005 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

I you love / 2005 / Direction, Script / Fiction

Urge  / 2004 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

This is me walking / 2004 / Direction, Script, DP / Short film

Stacyann Chin  / 2001 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

Dancer / 2000 / Direction, Script, DP / Documentary

Ulrik Wivel
+45 26 21 54 32